Alexandre Malavasi

Special guest

Alexandre Malavasi have been working with software development over the last 13 years. In the meantime, he participated in many projects as a technical leader and software developer, delivering projects using Microsoft Technologies and other different players. He have completed two degrees, the first one in IT for Business and another one in System Analyses. Also, he have done two master degrees in Software Engineering with Agile Methods emphasis and in Software Development process. He got Microsoft certifications in Azure and Web Development technologies.

In his free time, he usually spends his time helping the technical community, voluntarily, mainly organizing IT events. Also, he's a speaker about Web development topics and he's a writer in technical blogs in Brazil. Finally, he's one of leaders of Caqui Coders, a technical community wich makes many IT events for free, in "Alto Tietê" region, near Sao Paulo.

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