Wai Liu

Co-Host of Adventures in .NET

Wai Liu lives in Canberra, Australia and works for the Australian Government. Although he's most familiar with .NET, he loves to dabble with different tech and different stacks.

He's passionate about empowering developers to be the best they can be. That's why being on Adventures in .NET has been awesome for him - plus he loves getting to interview a steady stream of super smart people at the top of their field. Wai's also an organiser for the local JavaScript meetup as well.

Currently, his interest lies with everything in the Azure and Office 365 space and his current projects have him working with Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

He mainly spents his spare time with his wife and two young daughters. However, he's always keen to have a side project going whenever he have the time.

Wai Liu has hosted 86 Episodes.