Let's Get Functional - .NET 095


November 16th, 2021

1 hr 1 min 38 secs

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Today's episode is all about functional programming. While C# isn't necessarily designed for functional programming you can still write functional code as long as you aren't a purist. Simon Painter joins us to talk about functional programming in general and how to use it in C# specifically. How do you write functional code in an object-oriented language? How do you use classes? What limitations do you put on your methods? We discuss these questions and also look at the new record type, Funcs, switch statements and Linq. Of course F# comes up during our discussion and we go through some of the differences and how C# has adopted a number of things from the F# language. Do you use functional programming in C#? Do you use the F# language? Let us know on Twitter at @dotnet_Podcast.


  • Caleb Wells
  • Shawn Clabough
  • Wai Liu


  • Simon Painter




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